Choice is a liberty that we have in every aspect of our lives. It is grounded in our free will and the empowering opportunity we have to choose. It is the mental process of judging the merits of multiple options and selecting the one that works best for us and the people we care most about. Once you have made your selection that becomes your choice and from there your decision is made.

The choices we make are what determine the course of our lives.

Increasingly people lack certainty and confidence when it comes to making decisions. Too often they stumble in front of a wall of indecisiveness. The most important part of making any decision is understanding your choices and understanding yourself.

Choiceworks is an organisation that helps people go to the heart of any choice, to raise their consciousness, expand their world and understand their true self. In this way they can make informed choices that work for them and for those they may be responsible for.

We seek to liberate the constraints people unwittingly place upon themselves that prevent them from living a life full of passion, purpose and promise.

Our focus is on creating a life that is affirming, inspired and of our own design.

Why Choiceworks?

When you choose a coach or a facilitator you want someone who has solid experience and demonstrated results working with:

  • a wide range of age groups
  • both genders
  • a variety of personal and business situations

You want someone who has broad life experiences so they can relate to you but challenge you in ways that you never would have thought possible. You want someone who understands the detail but is also visionary in their ability to think above and beyond so they can stretch you to reach your potential.

You also want someone who walks their talk, is authentic and has integrity.

Mark Squires of Choiceworks is all that.

For over a decade he has worked with individuals and teams inspiring them to new heights of achievement and reward. For several years he was a senior instructor and program developer with Outward Bound, recognized as the world’s première organisation for delivering experiential learning opportunities for individuals and teams.

As deputy director of the New Zealand organisation he was part of a management team that set themselves the challenge of being recognized as the best place to work in New Zealand. Their organisation was about delivering the best outdoor experiential learning experiences in the country, encouraging people to be and do their best. As leaders of such an organization, shouldn’t they lead from the front? Within the first year, New Zealand’s leading business magazine ranked them within the top 10. In their second year they won their not-for-profit category – and the entire competition.

Mark’s next challenge was Outward Bound Hong Kong where he quickly gained the respect and admiration of Chinese and Western staff for following Steve Covey’s principle of doing the right thing rather than doing things right. He repeatedly had staff tell him: You really listen to us. You understand. Another Stephen Covey principle that he lives by: First seek to understand before being understood.

With Mark you will be in competent and professional hands. He is a person who understands not only the issues but the ‘how to’ when it comes to individual growth and developing leaders who create exceptional work environments.