“I have consistently found Mark to be loyal, diligent, patient, reliable, trustworthy and innovative. In all my dealings with Mark he has proven himself to be industrious and thoughtful, able and willing to take on responsibilities and autonomously deliver outcomes. Mark is also a problem solver, consistently finding solutions to challenges in the workplace, and independently upskilling his own capacities to ensure he can provide the very best of service.”

Donna Little, Former CEO, Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation
+61 411 252 744 | donna@waytobe.com.au

“Mark and I jointly founded Connections Event Management and quickly attracted high-level clients for whom we produced regular events with budgets ranging between $10K and $1m. Without exception, our clients and suppliers held Mark in high esteem as someone who treated others fairly and with respect but also as someone who had high-expectations and the commitment to produce the best work possible. Mark has undertaken the production of massive events and always does so with the same level of attention to detail, making each show the best it can possibly be. He would be an asset to any organisation as much for his people skills as his production precision.”

Amanda Hampson, Former Co-Director, Connections Event Management
+ 61 2 9918 3364 | amanda@amandahampson.com

”Mark showed exceptional people and organisational skills with a strong ability to relate to, and understand, the needs of all of our clients, from youth through to corporate. Mark has a unique ability to be able to quickly come to grips with the needs of the client, to design programmes that meet their requirements and to ensure that the outcomes exceed their expectations. Colleagues describe him as compassionate, loyal, having the highest level of integrity, but always able to have fun. For my part I have always found Mark available and willing to go that extra mile for the client, willing to consider new approaches and always looking at issues with an open mind. As a member of the Management team he is one who I could totally rely on to protect and promote the brand, values and philosophy of Outward Bound.”

Trevor Taylor, CEO, Outward Bound New Zealand
+64 4 472 3440 | ttaylor@outwardbound.co.nz

“Mark is an extraordinary combination of strong technical skills in outdoor activities, superb human relations skills that allow him to lead, inspire and manage others with ease and style. He has a natural authority that comes from years and breadth of experience, intellectual curiosity and sensitivity to all kinds of employees. Whatever Mark decided to do I would feel sure it would be done to the highest standard.”

Ian Wade, former Executive Director, Outward Bound International