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The 'Do Something' Principle

Action isn’t just the effect of motivation, but also the cause of it.

Most people only commit to action if they feel a certain level of motivation. And they only feel motivation when they feel an emotional inspiration.

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Mark Manson

Change To What

A big question in any change process has to be: change to what?

Any deliberate attempt to change the way people feel, behave and act is full of assumptions and power dynamics. The Hitler Youth movement was a change programme, ethnic cleansing is a change programme, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are change programmes. Equally, Ghandi’s Salt March, Nelson Mandela’s campaign against apartheid, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Suffragette movement and Norwegian resistance of Nazi occupation were also change programmes. I am sure you will consider some of these as ‘good’ and others as ‘bad’. The direction of change is fundamentally important.

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David Key (LinkedIn)