The feedback and testimonials from Choiceworks clients shows that our services have exceeded their expectations. As a result they have experienced greater success and happiness in their lives, escaping from unresourceful states such as procrastination, frustration and feelings of lack of choice. The coaching has not only transformed them, but has also transformed their relationships, their careers, their well being – freeing them up to more fully enjoy their lives.

Here are testimonials from just a few:

Mark helped me unlock the potential in my life, focus on what were the real things I wanted and the steps to get there. The steps, anyone can do with a little work, but it’s the reasons we don’t take those steps that Mark really helped me with. He challenged the self-talk and looked at breaking down issues, acknowledging that ways of thinking or doing things had served their purpose once, but to move forward I needed to move past this point.

He has an inquiring mind that gently challenges you. The sessions were funny, sad, and eye-opening but most of all it was so very rewarding. As a result of the work Mark and I have done, I have built more equal and respectful relationships with key people in my life, my confidence has grown, I feel a lot calmer and focussed, and I now choose my response to things that are important to me.
Sharon Light, Brisbane.

The amazing work we have done is paying off and I’m feeling positive and energized
Greg Eales, Brisbane, 0425 705 231

When I first met Mark I thought I had complete awareness of a problem in my life that I wanted a resolution to. I had spent many, many years analysing this problem but with no outcome. I was sceptical at first, not of Mark’s abilities, but of achieving any progress in a short period of time. I was pleasantly surprised. Mark was respectful, personable and extremely professional. He took me to places that I had never been in my years of analysing this problem. In these places I gained clarity and “true awareness” of my problem and potential solutions. Mark motivated me to take action.  I have had success and grown as an individual since our session. I appreciate Mark’s efforts and look forward to a continuing association with him. Thank you Mark
Kristen Risby, Sydney

Mark has immense personal integrity and a natural empathy, which make him such a great person to have as your coach. His ability to look at the big picture and through sensitive, probing questions work out what might be preventing you from reaching your goals is invaluable. He is always positive, patient and understanding and prepared to work through whatever it is you need to focus on to move forward. I have really valued our sessions and in particular the way he has held me accountable to the goals I set. Thank you Mark
Sarah Denby Jones, Sydney, 0400 865 200

I started working with Mark in 2009 with the aim of wanting to have more direction in my business, be more effective in what I do and have better work life balance.  My business – personal training, injury rehabilitation and results – is my passion. I have been a high-performing athlete for many years with boundless energy and a thirst for improvement but I was at a point where I felt overwhelmed and exhausted, unable to make clear decisions.

After the first few sessions with Mark, I started to feel more relaxed and clearer about my outcomes and I realised that two of the reasons hindering my ability to make business decisions were disturbances in my personal life and not enough “Me” time. As Mark worked through the basics of self-preservation of daily life with me, I became steadier on my feet and more decisive.

After focusing on my personal issues my business started to flow. After a few months we started working on my business growth – working towards my goal of running a successful business as a business owner rather as business technician. Mark helped me realise one thing: “rest hard, work smart” and it really has been working!

After working with Mark for four months my life had literally turned around – I was calmer, I had spare time, I managed to work and study, do sport, see my friends and go away for short weekends breaks without worrying that I couldn’t afford the time away because I had too many things to do. With all of these elements working in harmony I have been able to establish direction in my life. I know what I want, where I want to be, what my goals are and how to achieve them step by step. My personal life has been bliss and I’m relaxed more than ever.

Throughout my life I have worked with many coaches and without a doubt Mark has been one of most amazing coaches I have ever worked with – subtle, steady, clear, yet strict and accountable. Thank you Mark for your efforts.
Irena Paluskova, Mosman Sydney, 0407 922 256

Hi, my name is Greg and at the beginning of last year I found myself stuck again!! I was working in a job that was not satisfying both from a financial perspective and in its ability to offer me some progression or growth. These factors weighed heavily on me personally and on my home life. My wife and I were both very frustrated with the situation and so life at home was not smooth sailing. I had tried continually to change looking for other employment and different ways to live but I seemed to be going around in circles. I felt very discombobulated and confused. I felt I needed to find someone who could help me untangle the threads and get me back to me. I had tried talking with various friends and family but I still couldn’t break out of the cycle. I took a chance and called Mark.

Mark is fantastic. His ability to really listen and challenge my words and thoughts helped me see how I had constructed the maze that had me stumped. Mark encouraged me to work on my beliefs and to see what it is I value most and hence why I was unhappy and unable to move freely. I started my time with Mark with a very negative (although at the time I might have said realistic) outlook. The first step we took was to find reasons to be positive and for smiling. Then we looked at how I might start to be proactive with my job and my home. Mark and I then started to look at my values; what is important to me? What do I want or need?  Things started to change at this point and opportunities were presenting themselves. Low and behold I was offered a new position with a bigger company for more money and better prospects for the future. My life in general is so much better not only for the change of position but also because I now have some very powerful tools to help me stay proactive and focused on the positive.

I feel great and so much happier for the experience. Life will always present challenges and we will all travel through peaks and troughs with Mark’s help I have found great practical advice and personal idioms to make the journey fun and fruitful. Many thanks again Mark for all your time and energy – you have and will continue to make a huge difference to the way I interact with my world.
Greg Eales, Brisbane, 0425 705 231

Mark is an extraordinary combination of strong technical skills in outdoor activities, superb human relations skills that allow him to lead, inspire and manage others with ease and style. He has a natural authority that comes from years and breadth of experience, intellectual curiosity and sensitivity to all kinds of employees.
Ian Wade, Executive Director, Outward Bound International, USA.

I have worked with Mark Squires for five years during my time as a contractor and advisor to Outward Bound New Zealand. His many skills include a clear focus on the needs of the students and customers while ensuring that the experience is useful, safe and meets learning objectives. Students, customers and staff all have a great deal of respect for Mark’s professional approach. regard Mark as a personal friend whose integrity is always without question.
Ali Tocker, Director, Tocker & Associates

Mark inspired me to give my all every day. He is an exemplary role model and I trust him implicitly
Richard Gerrish, Program Manager, Outward Bound Hong Kong.